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Apps To PC 1.1 Download Now

The fastest way to recover Apps... Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad and to your computer and "App To PC" lists all the Apps.Your Apps are copied back to your iTunes library!Select which Apps to copy or copy them all. Faster than downloading the Apps from the internet again. ...

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

EasyEclipse for Plugins and RCP Apps 1.3 Download Now

This distro contains the all you need to develop applications reusing the Eclipse architecture: both to develop Eclipse plug-ins, and to develop RCP applications, i.e. applications reusing components from Eclipse. In particular, it contains all the source code for the Eclipse platform and tools, whi ...

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Salt Apps for SAP 1.1 Download Now

Salt is a unique software platform containing a growing collection of apps and functionalities specifically designed for SAP project team members to make working with SAP easier, faster and more productive.Imagine the difference the following would make to your day:To be able to see the differenc ...

Size:399.36MB | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-12

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bada SDK 2.0b1

Size:367.68 KB | License:Freeware | Date:2011-07-22

From bada 2.0 onwards, the OS supports multitasking. When multiple bada applications are running simultaneously, only one bada application can run in the foreground. The rest must run in the background. The user can switch application perspectives and determine which application is running in the fo ...

Microsoft Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 10.0

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 includes several features: * Support for targeting Silverlight 4 in the Silverlight designer and project system * RIA Services application templates and libraries * Support for Silverlight 4 elevated trust and out-of-browser applications and other new Silv ... Toolbar 6.1

Size:2.35 MB | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Stay connected and get so much more. Get this freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web. Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Add your favorite apps to your browser with Conduit Engine. Receive our most important news and ...

iBackupBot for iTunes 3.1

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

iBackupBot for iTunes is a tool that helps you browse, view, export and even EDIT files backed up to iTunes. When you connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to your computer and select “Back Up”, certain settings and files from these devices are automatically backed up to your computer ...

Ascendis Caller ID 1.3

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Features: displays name and number of caller; tracks incoming phone calls (includes caller name, number, date, time, and number of rings); announces callers with sounds you record, speech synthesis, email, or program(s); supports caller-specific actions; power users can define scripts for caller act ...

Chromatia Tuner 3.1

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Use your computer as an advanced instrument tuner. Works with almost any instrument. Short response time! Range: 9 octaves, C1 to C10. Precision: Better than 0.1 Hz up to ~C8. Supports more than twenty different temperaments, from historic tunings such as pythagorean, meantone, just, or well tem ...

Easy Video Downloader by 1.0

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Easy Video Downloader is a flash video downloader for Windows. It allows you to download videos from video sharing websites such as YouTube and 15 other websites. It doesn't say anywhere on the developer's website what the other supported sites are, but I tried MetaCafe and it didn't work, so there, ...

Android Book App Maker 1.0

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

Android book app maker is software which helps you to create ebook apps for android-powered device. It even allows you to embed advertisements in your free ebooks to make money. Once you've created your android app in Android book app maker, you can publish it online on Android market which powered ...

Serial Port Redirector 1.7

Size: | License:File Size: 4.88 MB | Date:2011-11-07

Serial Port Redirector is used to connect a serial application to a remote TCP socket. This allows you to utilize modern hardware COM servers without changing your software or exchange data between a TCP/IP application and an old-fashioned program that can only connect to a serial port. Serial Port ...

BControl 1.0

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

bControl is mobile application that turns Samsung Wave phone into remote keyboard, mouse, joypad and acceleration-based steering wheel. With this application, you can control your PC-based media-center, browse internet, play music and video from your chair or sofa; perform large-screen presentation ...

HD2 Toolkit 4.1

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

HD2 Toolkit is a HTC phone manager. This HD2 toolkit has auto cleaning software with built in timers, that will clean your HD2 every so many hours, set the timers up like you want it...They are lots of other good apps that have added in this package for you . ...

Live-Online-TV Toolbar 6.1

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Get this freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web. Add your favorite apps to your browser with Conduit Engine. Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Receive your most important news and announcements instantly. Stay connected an ...

1-Click YouTube Downloader 4.0

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

1-Click YouTube Downloader is a YouTube video downloader. I would define this as a hybrid downloader, since it allows you to download videos in two different ways. First, you can use it as one of those URL based downloaders; you simply, paste the URL of the video that you want to download and the ap ...

Yontoo Layers Client 1.1

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Yontoo Layers is an exciting new development in Internet software. It is a browser add-on that creates virtual layers that can be edited to create the appearance of having made changes to the underlying website. Yontoo Layers works on any site on the Web, although the functionality comes from separa ...

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