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LanToucher Network Chat unknown Download Now

LanToucher Network Chat is small and easy-to-use chat software for your small office or home LAN (Local Area Network). This easy-to-use LAN chat program with simple, intuitive user interface and a minimum of settings to adjust is an easy text communication solution for your small office LAN and a p ...

Size:1.13 MB | License: | Date:1969-12-31

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Patch 1.24 b Download Now

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is an expansion pack for Warcraft III that brings a bunch of new features to it. This patch aims to correct minor bugs and add a few enhancements to the expansion set. The popular Warcraft III saga lets you join the battle between humans and orcs. Patches l ...

Size:56.1 MB | License:Free | Date:2011-11-11

Super Network Tunnel 2.6 Download Now

Super network tunnel is a professional http tunneling software, which includes client and server program. It's like a secure VPN software that allows you to access your internet programs without being monitored at work, school, or the government and gives you a extra layer of protection against hac ...

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

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LAN Chat Client 1.0

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

The LAN Chat Client is a software for personal computer which functions as a chat software for you local area network. With this client chat you can connect to the server side of the program (different distribution). You can set the chat text, such as bold text, underline text, clear text and mor ...

PC-Mac-Net FileShare Lite 3.2

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

This application allows you to easily and securely transfer files over a local area network or over the Internet. Provides a secure, enhanced replacement for Microsoft Windows file sharing Perfect for cross-platform file sharing on home, school or office networksAllows you to conveniently get files ...

IP MAC Manager 1.4

Size: | License:Open source | Date:2011-11-07

Managing multiple network connection's IP configuration to create their backups and restore them. Provide MAC address changing. IP-MAC Manager is an utility software for managing multiple network connection configuration in windows computer. 1. IP Management. This is about managing multiple IP con ...'s NetCut 1.5

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Would you believe that you can simply disconnect any user on your local area network from the internet without knowing any passwords; with just a few clicks? Without installing any remote administrator application? You will not believe that this is possible until you give this program a try. The pro ...

Serial Port Redirector 1.7

Size: | License:File Size: 4.88 MB | Date:2011-11-07

Serial Port Redirector is used to connect a serial application to a remote TCP socket. This allows you to utilize modern hardware COM servers without changing your software or exchange data between a TCP/IP application and an old-fashioned program that can only connect to a serial port. Serial Port ...

Network Serial Port Kit 5.3

Size: | License:File Size: 5.11 MB | Date:2011-11-07

Network Serial Port Kit allows you to connect any serial port devices over the TCP/IP network or Internet. Creation of local virtual serial ports pairs are available as well. Program creates up to 254 virtual serial ports at a time. Physical COM ports located on remote computer can be connected to ...

Bos Wars 2.5

Size: | License:Open source | Date:2011-11-07

If you are a fanatic of games where you have to think before doing any movement, then I highly recommend you to play Bos Wars, a game that requires from you a strategy to achieve victory and advance to the following levels. At the beginning of the game, on the main menu, there is a helpful tutorial ...

IP Net Verify 1.3

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

Verify state (online and offline) of IP addresses or TCP services on local area network or the internet, graphically form on your desktop. You can verify to 40 IPs with possibility to change skins, colors, text and pictures. ...

Microsoft Excel Viewer 8.0

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

With Excel Viewer 97 you can open, view, and print Excel workbooks (versions 2.0 and greater), this is very useful if you don't have Excel installed in your system. You can also copy data from Excel Viewer to another program. However, you cannot edit data, save a workbook, or create a new workbook a ...

File Viewer 6.0

Size: | License:File Size: 9.09 MB | Date:2011-11-07

File Viewer is an multi purpose Disk/File Management Program with functions for finding, viewing, printing, emailing, and organizing Pictures, Images, Text, Documents, Database, and Spread Sheet Files. Multimedia Files, including MP3, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMF, WMA, MID, RMI, and WAV, are easily located, p ...

PCHoshin Free Trial 3.0

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

PCHoshin puts the power of Hoshin Kanri on your PC. It is ideally suited for individual users and organizations with users connected by a Local Area Network (LAN). PCHoshin manages the process so you can concentrate on the plan content. Successful organizations use their business or strategic planni ...

10-Strike Network File Search 1.3

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

10-Strike Network File Search 1.3 is the latest version of this shareware program for Windows. There is an evaluation version we can download directly from the developer's website and try free of charge. This version has one limitation: It will not show the file name and directory. 10-Strike Network ...

Xerox Network Scanner Utility2 5.6

Size:1.93 MB | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Network Scanner Utility is a program developed for windows and is intended to be used with supported Xerox document centers. To download files from a network scanner, the user has to configure the mailbox on the scanner and then scan the required documents into the mailboxes. The program can be used ...

Microsoft IrDA (Infrared) Driver

Size: 434K | License:Free | Date:2011-11-07

This driver set provides your infrared-equipped laptop or desktop computer with the capability of networking, transferring files, and printing wirelessly with other IrDA-compatible infrared devices. Attach to a local area network (LAN) through an access point device that acts as the network adapter ...

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