BitComet Acceleration Tool

BitComet Acceleration Tool 3.6.0

by P2PAccelerators

BitComet Acceleration Tool is an optimization software that helps increase the speed of the downloads made with the BitComet application.

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Editors Review

Slow speed downloads can be extremely frustrating and can really make you want to take your hair out. The frustration multiplies when you know that you have a good internet connection but the download speeds are not up to the mark. The problem with download speeds in such a case are mostly because of some glitches in the program running the download and by optimizing a few factors, the speed can increase to a certain extent. BitComet Acceleration Tool is one such software which helps you in getting optimal speeds for all downloads done through BitComet.


There are so many factors involved in running a download that it would be pretty difficult for computer users to identify on their own the reason behind a particularly slow download. Many acceleration tools offer the chance to better the speeds but since their interface remains complex, people end up failing to use them properly. This problem is not present with BitComet Acceleration Tool as it has a simple and interactive interface that allows you to accelerate your download speeds within a couple of clicks!


  • One-click optimization of all downloads that are being done through BitComet application.

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