farmville 2 bonus collector Movie Collector 6.4 Download Now

Movie Collector is a helpful program for all those who keep whole libraries of DVD discs: it allows them to make exhaustive and very informative databases. Movie details are automatically obtained based on the DVD bar code or through a simple search using the movie title. Naturally, movie details ca ...

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07 Book Collector Download Now

Catalog your book collection in no time at all. Just enter author & title or scan ISBN barcodes to automatically download book information (publisher, publication year, genre, subjects, etc.) & cover images. Browse your collection in List or Images View. Sort on any field. Find books with the Quick ...

Size:8.36 MB | License:Shareware | Date:2012-06-10

Dream Chronicles 5 - The Book of Water Collector's Edition 1.0 Download Now

Lyra has found her way home… only to find her town hit by a devastating storm. In search of power, the evil fairy queen of Dreams has cast a terrible curse over all of Wish. With her father gravely ill and her mother missing, Lyra must find a way to break the spell. Journey through beautifull ...

Size:204.03 KB | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-13

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Nightmare on the Pacific - Collector's Edition 1.1

Size:232.37 MB | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-12

The Brooks family boarded The Neptune hoping for a relaxing family adventure. What they got was more than just an adventure, but a harrowing experience of disaster and close calls. They also got a mother's perseverance to save her family when the perfect combination of storm, shoddy construction a ...

FarmVille Bonus Collector 1.3

Size:2.05 MB | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-11

The Farmville Bonus Collector is an easy to use, automated program that snags bonuses from your Facebook Wall and puts them in your giftbox for you while you are away from your computer. "Farmville Bonus Collector" (FVBC) will automatically collect bonuses that hit your wall while you are away from ...

Nokia Collector

Size: 2MB | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-11

Nokia Collector allows you to transfer images, videos and other files from your mobile device to your Mac computer. On your computer you can easily store and organize a high number of files, and you can also choose to keep certain items in synch with your phone, ensuring that the latest version alw ...

Music Collector 7.1.4

Size:4.8 MB | License:Trial version | Date:2011-11-11

CD Database / Music File Cataloging Software. Automatic song titles & cover art. Just insert CDs or scan folders. Browse, sort and search your movie collection in List View or Images View. Check your movie database with the CLZ Music mobile app for iPhone or Android, or share it online.Check ...

Movie Collector 8.1.1

Size:14.0 MB | License:Trial version | Date:2011-11-11

Catalog DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs and movie files on your PC. Just enter titles or scan barcodes to automatically download movie information & cover images, edition details, plus full episode details for TV Series (title, plot, image, etc..). Catalog digital movie files by scanning your hard-dis ...

Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition 1.0

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition is a time-management game on an exotic island. This Collector’s Edition is an early release of the game, prior to its official launch. In this game you will control Sara, aiding her to design and decorate her ranch, sowing seeds, harvesting fruits and flowers ... Movie Collector 5.6

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07 Movie Collector is a great movie cataloging solution for Windows. The only letdown is that it only really works if you are trying to build up a collection of DVD movies. I'll get to this later. The application is a single-window GUI that allows you to add movies to it and then browse ... Movie Collector 6.0

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07 Movie Collector is a powerful application that allows you to catalog and manage your movie files. Using this program, you will be able to have a register of all the movies you like and order them by year, name, actors and more. The program will allow you to Browse your DVD database an ...

Cook'n Recipe Collector 1.2

Size: | License:Price: 19.90$ | Date:2011-11-07

The easiest way to sort your collected and new recipes! Main functions: Archive printed recipes (magazines, books, ring binders) Archive digital recipes (from internet, etc.) Individual printing functions with own printing drafts Define your own individual recipe categories Optional: remark comments ... Movie Collector 5.5

Size: | License:Commercial | Date:2011-11-07

Movie edition of the series of collection managers. It organizes your DVDs, VHS tapes, Video CDs, LaserDisks etc.. It is IMDb enabled, which means that you can add your movies to the database by just typing the movie title; the rest of the movie info will be automatically retrieved fr ...

PuppetShow 3 - Lost Town Collector's Edition 1.0

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

Lost Town takes you back to the eerie world of mechanical puppets and creepy-eyed toys in this new title of the PuppetShow series from ERS Game Studios. During a visit to a new cave system discovered near a town, Suzy, a little girl visiting the caves with her mother, is kidnapped by a creature that ...

Twisted Lands - Shadow Town Collector's Edition 1.0

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

What makes the hair on your neck bristle when something invisible whispers in your ear? And why do you jump when something that should not be real appears in the corner of your vision? Welcome to Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition, the first game in a new saga that will explore the emoti ...

Music Collector 9.1 beta

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

With Music Collector you can automatically catalog your CDs and music files just by inserting CDs or scanning your music folders. When you insert a CD, the program will instantly get album details, song titles, and cover images, no need to enter song titles manually, or scan cover images. A similar ...

Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition 1.0

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

Journey into the mysterious Nightmare Realm and save Emily from an imaginary world that has been taken over by darkness! Explore gorgeous hidden-object scenes and find helpful items to use as you battle a mysterious creature. Solve perplexing puzzles to unravel a mystery and help Emily escape before ...

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