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Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator 2.0 Download Now

Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator is a wizard, which will assist in fast and easy creation of your own promotional jigsaw puzzle games, the so-called Jigs@w Puzzle Promos. Jigs@w Puzzle Promo is a small executable file, after running it a playing field is displayed in the lower part of the screen and your ...

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator 2.1 Download Now

Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator is the new software developed by Tibo Software intended to be used to promote web sites, services and products with customized jigsaw puzzles. Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator works as a wizard that helps you to create your own promotional jigsaw puzzle games in a fast and eas ...

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator 3.2 Download Now

With Nokia Free Unlock Codes Calculator we can unlock our cell phones and we can use it in any company that we want. When we open the program can find eight boxes and one little window. In the first box we can put our cell phone model we can choose between: Alcatel, LG, Maxxon, NEC, Nokia, Samsung, ...

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

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Download Multiple HTML Source Codes Software 7.0

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

Download one or more HTML source files from a web site to folder(s). Load a list of links to download from a text file. ...

Excel Zip Codes Convert, Lookup & Format Software 7.0

Size: | License:File Size: 2.16 MB | Date:2011-11-07

Convert zip codes in a block of selected cells in MS Excel. For example, change ", " to "" or "" to ", ". Also, add leading and trailing zeros to zip codes. Excel 2000 or higher required. ...

Facebook Codes 1.0

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Facebook Codes is a program that will add smileys, skins, styles and themes to your Facebook. This program provides direct access to the installation of required add-ons (like GreaseMonkey) and scripts, as well as web pages that contain the instructions to set up all these things on your Facebook ac ...

CMean Game Promo 5 2.0

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

X and O symbols are used to connect with a famous ancestor whom didn’t change for the last 3000 years. Goal of the game is similar... try to arrange three of a kind in a row, a column or a diagonal, but in this case - for every set of symbols, where the middle field (Yin Yang) represents each ...

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