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Delete Start Programs Shortcut Entries Software 7.0 Download Now

Remove multiple items from the Start > Programs menu in Windows. Select shortcuts and folders to send to the Recycle Bin. ...

Size: | License:File Size: 1.74 MB | Date:2011-11-07

PCVITA Lotus Notes To Google Apps 3.2 Download Now

Google Apps mail an online mail client used for sending and receiving mails online just like Gmail. Cloud computing is the Internet-based computing, through which; shared software, information, & resources are given on demand to computers and other devices. PCVITA Lotus Notes to Google Apps is basic ...

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

Text Tally 1.3 Download Now

Text Tally is a small program provided for free by Harmony Hollow Software. The program aims at helping users to calculate how many lines, words and characters are in their texts and it can display these statistics on the main program's window. A useful feature that I liked is the ability to calcula ...

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

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Tally Cum 2.0

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

Special developed for Medical Pharmacy, Distributors and Hospitals. It includes full accounting system, Stock Management, Billing, Patient Registration, Regular treatment and discharge. Main features: - User & Authority Control - Company & Fiscal Yearwise record keeping - Can use as multi-user s ...

CS Desktop Notes 3.6

Size: | License:Shareware | Date:2011-11-07

CS Desktop Notes is a little but useful application that allows you to create color sticky notes on your desktop that you can easily edit whenever you want by double clicking on the note or on the system tray icon. The notes can be moved around the desktop and they can be of any color you want. You ...

iQ-Notes 5.4

Size: | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-07

This application gives the user the ability to track notes on their computer just like Post-It notes. The application is freeware, which means you can download and use it, at no cost! One neat thing you can do with it is that it can synchronize with an FTP server so the notes on one computer is the ...

DeskLook for Lotus Notes 3.5

Size:2.06 MB | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-08

DeskLook for Lotus Notes is a productivity assistant for Lotus Notes users. It reads user's calendar data and to do list directly from Notes and shows them conveniently on the desktop. A reference calendar is also included in the layout that is available in two different views with changeable transp ...

Express Notes Information Organiser 1.02

Size:106.50Kb | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-09

Express NotesCard File Software for WindowsExpress Notes lets you store and organize notes on your computer. Typically this software is used as a phone or address book, diary or card file but it can be used for just about anything. Some examples include todo lists, recipes, customer records and mor ...

Windows 7 Shortcut Installer 1.0

Size:2.2 MB | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-10

The official Windows 7 shortcut installer will install the following shortcuts right on your desktop: a shortcut … to restart, to shutdown, to lock your PC, to hibernation, to switch user accounts, to network connections, to your screensaver, to sleep and right to your desktop! This installe ...

Efficient Sticky Notes 1.67.96

Size:3.6 MB | License:Free | Date:2011-11-12

Is your monitor covered in sticky notes? Why not tidy things up by using virtual sticky notes instead? With Efficient Sticky Notes, you can easily leave yourself reminders on different colored notes on your windows desktop. Efficient Sticky Notes is well presented, although it maybe over ...

Two Notes 1.5

Size:229.38Kb | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-13

Two Notes is a handy and easy to use desktop sticky notes program for home and office. It has user-friendly interface. Stick notes on your computer desktop as a visual reminder. The notes stick to the desktop and doesn't prevent your working. With Two Notes program you can change the color of you ...

Search Notes

Size: 863.04K | License:Freeware | Date:2011-11-13

A search widget with a built-in resizable notepad. The search function can be configured to search the following popular Web sites: Amazon, BBC News, Bit Torrent, CNET, CNN, Digg, eBay, Engadget, ESPN, Flickr, Google, Google Images, Lycos, MSN, MTV, National Geographic, New York Times, Photobucket, ...

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