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Standalone Flash Player 1.2


Standalone Flash Player is a simple software utility that helps in viewing SWF and FLV files without using any other external software.

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Editors Review

Standalone Flash Player is a useful software offered by Adobe Flash. The software is capable of playing FLV and SWF files uninterrupted without the support of any other tool. With a simple media player that can help you in watching the video, watching flash content is made extremely easy by the Standalone Flash Player.


The software's interface is as simple as it gets and this is what makes it a great option for all the simple souls. The software has a simplistic theme that makes viewing SWF and FLV files very easy. With a very user-friendly interface that helps the user in understanding all the functions with ease, even novices won't find it difficult to use the software at all.


  • Supports all SWF files and can play all such files in a seamless manner.

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